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Everyone knows that family vacations in the snow are a beautiful thing. But let’s be honest, they can also be a bit tiring… It’s even more important, actually essential, to have time to ski alone or with friends and to be able to enjoy a meal in a typical ski hut. All this is possible if you take advantage of the newly reinvented “Kinderland” nursery. Your children will spend hours or even entire days happily and safely, enjoying an extraordinary experience of fun and sports in the snow. The children are accepted at the ski school office every morning. They can then take skiing lessons with our teachers, or dine at the new “La Giaces” restaurant outfitted especially for children. The professionalism and friendliness of our ski teachers and the “Kinderland” staff will make your children’s vacation – and also yours – an unforgettable experience.

virtual tour of the restaurant

Lessons combined with Kinderland care
With Kinderland care and meal+ equipment
V.Y.P. Course380,00 €430,00 €
All Day for Kids350,00 €410,00 €
All Day for Kids TOP SEASON370,00 €430,00 €
Childcare available only until available spaces are filled
5/6 days childcare and lunch300,00 €
3 days childcare and lunch200,00 €
1-day childcare and lunch75,00 €
1-hour babysitting starting at 18 months18,00 €

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The Kinderland is open from 8:30 am to 05:30 pm and is closed Saturdays during the regular season.

1) After booking, the kids and their parents have to go to Kinderland the day before the courses start (Sunday), with all skiing equipment (ski-boots, skis, helmets, ski poles) and indoor clothes (socks, underwear, long underwear, nappies).

2) Kids have to be at the Kinderland compulsorily before the following times: – Monday Morning no later than 8:40 am for V.Y.P. Course starting at 9:00 am – Monday Morning no later than 10:30 am for V.Y.P. Course starting at 11:00 am – Monday Morning no later than 9:20 am for All day for kids (A.D.F.K.) Course starting at 10:00 am.

3) Skipass: Skipass is not included in these packages Kids registered to A.D.F.K. levels 3 and 4 (meeting point ski lift Avisio)

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